Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valueable Lesson Learnt

OK not learnt, but reminded of. Whilst looking to the future never forget to live in the moment, before you know it the moment is gone and you'll never get it back. (not bad for 7am!!)

After playing with an unblemished record of 37 wins and 0 losses I was looking forward to the 39th game against one of the top players in the division - stupid me lost the 38th game without even winning a leg!! As it turns out the 39th game was a bit of an anti climax but the winning record was gone.

Pld 39 Won 38 Lost 1(arghh!)

Every cloud has a silver lining I can really enjoy the remainder of the season without the pressure of being unbeaten. Roll on next week - slight change of pace from third place opponents to ninth place opponents (who won't be under estimated!!)

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