Sunday, 8 April 2012

Table Tennis 2011/2012

OK it's unshamed boasting about Table Tennis but hey it's my blog!!

HOLIDAY, MikeHILD26285351296.2%
ROLES, BarryHILD25892120195.2%
COLEMAN, TrevorLARC26154035587.5%
HARRIS, DanLARC25614539686.7%
PENNING, ChrisLARE25334539686.7%
SHEPPARD, MikeHILD257255441180.0%
SMITH, SteveLARD260249381177.6%
O'BRIEN, MartinBARE259642321076.2%
HART, RobLARD259440301075.0%
YAU, TungLARC249745321371.1%
BASHFORD, RichardTROB253354381670.4%
RICHARDSON, TomCOXD248651331864.7%
BYERS, ChrisLARC246248311764.6%

For more information on the league you can visit The result of this solid season by my team Hillreed D is promotion into Division 2 - going for successive promotions to get into Division 1 (I think not - survivial comes first).

But the final table for Division 2:-

1Larkfield C201712155
2Hillreed D201631146
3Larkfield E201334115
4Barming F201154113
5Larkfield D20758110
6Trosley B201037101
7Barming E2075895
8MWMC E20541182
9Sutton Valence B20321572
10Sutton Valence C20511471
11Coxheath D20002040

I'll avoid boring you all with the full breakdown of results - this time!!

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