Monday, 10 March 2014

Taking Repsonsibility: Part 2

For many years I have played table tennis in MedwayMaidstone & Ashford.  Currently I am only playing in the Maidstone league for Hillreed Homes.  The firm sponsor the local league, cover all the costs of entering their teams, and provide a venue for the home matches.  The firm have a very long and successful affiliation with the league, but recent developments mean a nationwide house builder have brought the firm and is likely to lead to their withdrawal from the league in any capacity.  What this means for the league only time will tell, and I'm sure alternative sponsors will be sought to assist the league financially (and in many other ways).  What is certainly true is that the league/local community has benefited from the company support, and may suffer as a result.  But the support was purely to support the league, there was no true financial benefit to the company beyond a small amount of publicity, and the odd blog!

Now I find myself in a position to be able to support some events in this manner, but at what cost?  R L Surveys Ltd is doing well, but at what point do you take on a commitment in the community for the long haul?

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