Monday, 11 June 2012


25 minutes and still holding for one of their advisers, after having to go through pages and pages of 'Press 1 for this, and 2 of that.....perhaps a Press 9 to stop this ridiculous games and put me through to a human being!!

I'll admit I'm not the most patient man when it comes down to phones and call centres.  I want an answer and I expect the person at the other end to be able to help or at least me polite, but the endless waiting on the hold builds my stress levels to a point I will probably vent out to the poor sod who answers the phone.  It's not their fault but they seem to be the sensible person to vent at!!  But what are the alternatives - browse the website, it took me 10 minutes just to find the number.  Tax doesn't have to be taxing - just getting an answer!!!

You may have guessed I'm still on hold.  May I suggest some better music at a level people can hear just to keep some amusement.  Thank god for hands free phones least I can be productive during this time, even it is to pour out my boredom to all those who will listen.

That's 30 minutes now and my bladder is filling up fast, I can guarantee if I leave this desk they will answer and hang up on me!!  But I'm making a break for it................................ OK still on hold - does anyone work at HMRC.  I'm almost waiting for the message ' Sorry it's lunchtime now please try again later'!

Should I open a book on how long I'll be holding for?

Result 36minutes on hold 1 minute phone call but good news she had the right answer.  Right back to my day

Argh now on hold with a reputable insurance company from Norwich - looks like an early grave for me!!!

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