Sunday, 3 June 2012

Living with Anxiety

This is just my wonderings & thoughts, I have no medical knowledge beyond infrequent trips to the doctors, and my knowledge of anxiety is from reading on the internet & seeing the impact from someone on the outside looking in.

No fault can be placed - no one choses to have or live with this affliction but when it happens it is extremely debilitating.  From my perspective the anxiety in our household comes from the fear of another attack - there are good and bad days but it does mean that all times we need to be ready to go if the confidence is there - and that could be the key CONFIDENCE, trust in your own bodies ability to cope and go for it (yes the words of a non sufferer but it's impossible to understand).  Unfortunately perfect conditions do not occur with any regularity - and with anxiety repetition is required to build up that confidence and use as a stepping stone for large challenges.  I find there is always an excuse not to do something, sometimes these are genuine reasons but often they appear to merely excuses but at what point do you stop accepting these excuses and just get on with life?

Everybody has their own way of coping, and try as you might it is impossible not to add your suggestions into the pot as to how the situation might be improved:-

  • Drugs (not the illegal sort)
  • Active Lifestyle (exercise)
  • Surrounded by friends (socialising)
  • Occupied mind (hobbies)
  • Relaxation (hypnosis CD's, or holistic therapies)
  • Buried head in sand (possibility not the best idea but we have to cover all the bases)
It's entirely possible that you will need a combination of this options to finally get to the other side, although you may never be the same you life will return.  For my mind you will need a little of everything mixed in there but often you have to find an understanding group of people to accept you as you are and work with you. 

For most people the first port of call with be the doctor who will work through the various drug options, and try these.  But whilst this can be an effective solution it may only prove to lessen the effect of the anxiety but not to a level that anything can be achieved.  At this point it's on to a counsellor or support worker who can help with the medication but use it in a combination of the other suggestions - this is of course is extremely frustrating because doing this from the outset could have saved years of piece meal assistance - you can't blame the doctors they are doing their job to the best of their ability, and from experience in a very understanding matter, but anxiety cannot be sorted out in a 15 minute consultation every 4-5 weeks, you need regular contact to monitor progress, and to point out other options to reaching a 'normal' life.

This is not a self help guide it's just a way for someone living with anxiety to get things off his chest, and if you like you can do that same - it does help because you are helping no one by bottling everything up and getting frustrated with the situation.  For two years I have been suggesting activities, socialising etc with out much success now the support working is involved apparently taking up activities and socialising are good suggestions and might make a noticeable difference!!!!!!!!!  Share your experiences between us we might all find something we have haven't tried that does work

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