Friday, 22 June 2012


What is the world coming to I buy the part for a new flush system on the toilet, get the part home all seems to be working fine except there is a hole in the packet and someone has removed both washers from the pack making it useless!  Of course I take it back to complain/exchange but feel so guilty with the looks for 'are you honestly telling me it wasn't you who removed the washers!!'.

Anyhow back on the job and I find that the cistern tank is a slightly smaller size that the siphon is designed for so I find myself wedging it into the tank, tightening up all the fittings, and then the moment of truth turning the water on only to hear the stead hiss of water coming out for the intake pipe!!  This was not even part of the equation originally.  At this time I'm going to have an 'Only Fools and Horses' moment it is the same toilet but it has had a new siphon, ball cock, flush lever, toilet seat........  but I'm refusing to change the toilet now since there are plans a foot to redo the bathroom in the coming years anyway!!  I won't be sad to say goodbye to our bathroom currently sponsored by Sainsbury's - those who have seen it will understand!!

Back to work now - and I think copious amounts of sealant will be used.  Then I can put my feet up....oh no it's Rosie's 5th birthday today, I have surveys to draw up and a group of screaming five year olds round tomorrow!!!  My life is anything but quiet sometimes..

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