Thursday, 16 August 2012

One year on

That's it we've succeeded in staying afloat for one year, and we go into year two with a solid number of quotes on the books - but has it been worth it?

The general consensus is yes, but there are obvious downsides which are regrettable.  However life is too short to dwell on the past - but a warning never mix business with pleasure you need to keep the lines well defined.  We have not spoken to our former business partners properly in the best part of 7 months now, and we would love to get back in touch but don't feel the first move can now be made by us however they may feel they can't make the first move.  We can forgive and forget, but as it stands we can't even consider opening the door again to a business union.  All parties have their part in fault, and annoyingly (in a good way) the business is progressing at a good pace and a second pair of hands would help - but at what cost?

Back to business though, one year and the best part of 100 tenders issued out for consideration with an average return of a little over 50%.  At times it has been hectic, but always rewarding, and never dull.  I've found more time to be with the children but I think the missus gets a little over looked as work gets done in the evening more.  So year two will see the advent of 'ring fenced' time - well if the political parties can ring fence things I feel I should try it as well!!  Hopefully this will allow for a little more time off, and who knows maybe even a few days completely away from the business.

What will year two bring - BIG decisions - do we employ staff to cover the growing workload assuming growth continues at a similar pace?  If we are employing staff do we need to consider more permanent offices, or approach the situation with a more laid back attitude and have an open house??  Shall we get a second mortgage for some big fancy kit1?

So any volunteers to cast a detached eye over the business and offer constructive advice might be well received as it is always easier to see the big picture when your not on the canvas yourself!!

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