Sunday, 23 September 2012

Taking Responsibility

In the coming weeks we have the AGM of my daughters schools Friends Association, and currently they are short a Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer (possibly even more).  General consensus in the play ground is to take a step back from these roles on the simple ground that the system is too established & 'clicky'.  However the result of this could be the loss of an important source of funding for the school, and affect our children's education.

The solution?  A complete overhaul of the Association?  Hope someone else steps up?  Bite the bullet and step up?  Let the association die?

All options, some less viable than others.  I'd personally love to take on more responsibility but it's not in my nature to be the front person - the idea of chairing a group of virtual strangers comes a close second to pulling my own finger nails!!  Co-chair, maybe if someone else is equally willing to be the face/voice but is not so fussed on being the engine.  Obviously time could be an issue but if enough people we're willing you could 'sub' the work out to various other people with each 'quango' taking on their own event.

Whoever steps up needs to be in the role for some years to ensure continuity, and perhaps gradually bring new people in and I would suggest trying to get the local businesses involved - almost make it more of a business than an Association.  They have to embrace whatever options are out there to get the community interested which I suspect will mean Social Media going against the preference of the current system possibly - so a balance needs to be found on that front because not following the masses in this case will only be to the detriment of the funding in the longer term.

I'm probably talking/typing myself into a hole here!!  Best get back to my lovely smelling roast/gloss paint combo!!

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