Monday, 24 September 2012

It'll never happen again!!

Cracked the top ten for the top division averages, ok it's only after the first match but I'll enjoy it for now!!  Enough said.

1st Division - Player Averages
Only displaying registered players of this division and players that have played more then 100% of games. Click here to view all players averages

CHIPPERFIELD, DeanHILA2876330100.0%
BANNISTER, SteveCIV12872330100.0%
CRIPPS, MickMWCB2914330100.0%
WRAPSON, WillBARC2855330100.0%
FRENCH, GrahamMWCA3059330100.0%
PETERS, NigelMWCA2982330100.0%
BARDEN, GregMWCB299132166.7%
HOLIDAY, MikeHILD262432166.7%
SAVILL, CharlieLARB271132166.7%
FEAVER, RichardBARA287432166.7%
LEES, BrianHILA279632166.7%
HEATON, MarkBARC276232166.7%
BALL, MartinBARB289532166.7%
MALHOTRA, RaghuBARC277532166.7%
WATERS, GaryLARA294632166.7%
LAWS, BrianMWCC292631233.3%
WOOLLVEN, PaulMWCA292531233.3%
DRURY, ChrisMWCC284931233.3%
THOMPSON, SpencerCIV1294031233.3%
TOVEY, EmmaBARA287931233.3%
ARMORY, JohnBARB279131233.3%
DINNES, KevinCIV1281731233.3%
HOLBROOK, PaulBARB286831233.3%
HENDERSON, MarkMWCB294831233.3%
HARRIS, DanLARC25553030.0%
BIRD, JohnLARB26123030.0%
DOUST, AlanMWCC27093030.0%
HARRIS, RogerBARA27783030.0%
CLUCAS, HazelLARA26183030.0%
HALL, AdrianLARA26423030.0%

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